Simone Biles Cries Out Over Her Husband Painful Disappointment

Facing One of the Biggest Career Upsets, Simone Biles Tries to Cheer Husband

Jonathan Owens After NFL Playoffs Simone Biles is easily the biggest cheerleader for husband and Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens. Handling the safety duties for his new team, Owens had hoped for a brilliant year, only to fall short of his goals this season. However, the four-time Olympic gold medalist refused to be stranded by her husband’s disappointing end of the NFL season and took to social media to share her unending support yet again.

As Owens looks back on a crucial season where the Packers finished in second place, Biles emerged as the true support system during his tumultuous mental state. While the Packers failed to clinch the top spot, the celebrity duo’s emotional bond has sparked the cyber world to fall in love with the couple all over again.

In his recent Instagram post, Jon Owens seemed to be still enthralled by the adrenaline-fueled NFL season that had just ended. “What a year man, who would’ve thought“, wrote Owens in his post. The strong safety football icon mentioned that while the Packers didn’t qualify for the playoffs, he looked proud of their run nonetheless. And his emotional post prompted yet another vehemently supportive message from Beau Biles.

“so proud of you baby“, commented a proud Simone Biles under Owens’ post and she didn’t forget to reiterate exactly how much pride she feels in seeing her husband’s NFL career taking flight. However, Biles didn’t stop just there and went the extra mile in efforts to bolster Jonathan’s confidence during the troubled times.

“THE MAN!!!” commented Biles on the same post, ensuring her husband that one rough season doesn’t signal the end. With so much support on his side, it waits to be seen if Owens and the Packers can overcome the adversities and take on the new season with fresh enthusiasm. The couple was also seen having a cozy time together in another Instagram story posted by the NFL star. However, with te Olympics looming overhead, Biles has her own demons to fight with.