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Taylor Swift really has a BAD Fashion Taste! – See the Outdated Trends Taylor Swift Has Been Caught Wearing.😱



Taylor Swift really has a bad Fashion Taste! Taylor Swift Has Been Caught Wearing
Some outdated outfit on her concert.

The see-through black lace look was so 2010s tumblr

In fact, Swift’s bad sense of style is so notorious that some in the industry have actually tried to explain it as just another strategy on Swift’s part.


“She knows her audience, and everything she does is, in some way or another, catering to that audience, whether it’s purposeful or subconscious,” fashion correspondent Lauren Sherman tells Business Insider.


Her oversized blazer and floral slip made it look like she was out to lunch at Applebee’s in 1988.


Let’s set the scene: It’s 1988 and you, despite living in Staten Island, work in Manhattan in the hopes of making your career-related dreams come true.

When you see the opportunity to do that after your boss has a skiing accident, you begin to dress the part, to the best of your ability on your small salary.


That look is all about power lunch blazers over dresses and, of course, a scrunchy in your hair. End scene.

Even the biggest Swifties must admit something about their beloved queen: the woman is not known for high fashion.


No matter how you slice it, strategic or not, Taylor Swift, despite all her awards, record sales, and massive Tortured Poets Department era, will never be remembered as someone who was at the forefront of fashion.

But, hey, you can’t win ’em all. While there have easily been hundreds, if not thousands of times that Swift has been caught wearing outdated trends, sometimes you need to just pick a few of the most “Really?!” ones for the sake of time and space.


The singer may have only lived in NYC for five years when this photo was taken, but even the newbies who just fall off the turnip truck know that this is an awful choice for a nighttime event in, based on the cobblestone, the West Village or Meatpacking District.


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