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Taylor Swift Sparks Controversy as She Reveals Major Reason Why She is dating Travis Kelce




Taylor Swift Sparks Controversy as She Reveals Major Reason Why She is Dating Travis Kelce.


The honest conversation from the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles stars was part of a recurring segment on their chart-topping podcast called “No Dumb Questions.”


A fan asked them: Why are reporters allowed in the locker rooms? Do they at least give you a warning before they come in?.

They revealed that there is a designated time that reporters are allowed in, and that players get a warning before. But that doesn’t stop them from interacting with scantily-clad players.

Taylor Swift accidentally lets slip what she calls Travis Kelce in private… and fans can’t believe it : Another video from the Chiefs latest game against the Packers has surfaced online.


“The only time I feel like it’s weird,” Travis said, “is if you’re ass naked next to the guy’s locker who’s getting interviewed.”


As lifetime football players used to the locker room environment, the Kelces don’t mind letting it all hang out, even if fans, teammates or the reporters in question do.

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